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    Welcome to the home of the world's most advanced Vaporizer

    We raised over $350,000 during our crowd funding campaign because people wanted a better vaporizer. The Grasshopper is exactly that - leading the industry in almost every way possible, and for just $99.

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    Indiegogo backers can pick-up accessories and even add additional Grasshoppers to their order.

    Visit the Indiegogo Page

    View the campaign and check out the success the Grasshopper had on indiegogo. There's also a ton of great information on the product and the development plan.

    Pick up Anything You Forgot

    Indiegogo backers can add accessories, and extra Grasshoppers to their order. Review your order under account and see if you missed anything.

    See The Video!

    This is where we started! This video first ran during our crowdfunding campaign and was the launching point for the Grasshopper project. With almost 100,000 views it's worth taking a look at.